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Scouting provides many opportunities for you to learn new skills and adventures. Both Troop and Pack 251 offers Scouts of all ages a wide variety of activities throughout the year that will challenge your skills, like using wood tools (safely and responsibly), building campfires, first aid, basic cold weather survival skills, swimming, and knot tieing. Troop 251 focuses on community service, camping, and hiking, but we also do things like marching in local parades, rappeling down buildings and sports activities before and after meetings. Here are just some of the things we’ve done in the past couple of years:

  • Boy Scout Summer Camp
  • Year-round monthly campouts at our Barton Lake Cabin and other locations
  • Regional and National Camporees and Jamborees
  • Annual DIBC (Canada) Campout
  • Fishing and Canoeing at the Troop Cabin
  • Community Service Projects
  • Vicksburg’s Memorial Day Parade
  • Polar Bear Campouts and Klondike event
  • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) event
  • Annual Troop 251 Christmas Party
  • Annual “Over the Edge” (rappeling down tall buildings) event
  • Scout Sunday
  • Annual Spaghetti Dinner (held in conjunction with the Annual Vicksburg Rotary Showboat)
  • Annual Veteran’s Day “Lunch with Vets” event

If you’re interested in fun and adventure – come out scouting with us!

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